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Interior and Exterior Educational Signs and School Signage Solutions for Colleges, Universities and K-12 Schools

Education SignageProviding Wayfinding and Signage Solutions for Educational Institutions for 45 Years

Education facilities are dynamic ever-changing environments. Not only do departments and classrooms change frequently, but the visitors are constantly evolving. Additionally, these environments are often very high-traffic and require frequent maintenance and cleaning. ASI is a leading provider of architectural signage services and wayfinding solutions for educational institutions.  Whether you need interior signage, exterior signage or both,  ASI's expertise can help to ensure your visitors and students arrive at their destination.

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Colleges and Universities

Education and University Signage

Interior, Exterior and Digital Solutions for Universities and Community Colleges

Creating signage solutions for colleges and universities requires an understanding of how signage reinforces brand identity while guiding students and staff to the place at the right time. ASI creates complete signage solutions that complement the architectural environment, effectively communicate clear wayfinding messages and directional information, and promote your institution's values and brand identity.

Public & Private Schools, Research Centers

Signage for Education K-12

Complete Solutions for Public and Private Schools and Research Centers

For public and private schools, durability is key to the success of a signage solution. ASI offers interior and exterior product solutions — including Class A fire rated materials and products — that stand up to daily use in high traffic environments, and they can be easily cleaned and maintained.

Honoring Donors and Celebrating Extracurricular Activities

Signage for Education Donors

Custom Signage Solutions to Honor Donors and Recognize Academic and Athletic Excellence

The heart and spirit of most colleges, universities and high schools resides in competition and victories of the athletic and academic teams. Students, staff and alumni are proud to be associated with these achievements, and custom recognition walls and signage play a large role in showcasing these achievements. For 45 years, ASI has delivered custom recognition solutions, and we have created unique signage packages for sports stadiums and arenas.


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