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Modular Signage and Exterior Wayfinding Solutions

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Functional Modular Solutions Designed to Last a Lifetime

ASI's exterior modular signage systems are designed and engineered to the highest standards to withstand the weather and elements from coast to coast and border to border. Our modular signage gives architects, designers and facility managers a method for communicating important wayfinding information while effectively promoting the organization’s brand identity.

Each modular signage solution consists of multiple, highly visible components that can be combined in various ways to produce the exact solution the project requires.

When it is time to make a change, each component of our modular signage can be easily switched out to enable users to update or repair the sign with ease - and with little contribution to the waste cycle. This modular functionality allows the exterior modular signage solution to grow and change over time, which is important when considering the changes to wayfinding plans and brand identity.