Alliance Town Center

Large Custom Internally Illuminated Exterior Signage

The 500-acre Alliance Town Center, which includes the HCA medical campus and Monterra Village, is part of a 17,000 acre master-planned community in the flourishing region of North Ft. Worth. With more than 40 retail shops, businesses and healthcare service providers, Alliance Town Center has become a center of activity for the surrounding community.

To help identify Alliance Town Center to the high volume traffic along the I-35 corridor, Trademark Properties hired Gensler Studio 585 to design a signage solution that would serve as a beacon on the horizon for travelers and shoppers. The signs needed to complement the architectural design and features of the master-planned center and allow for quick and easy identification of the primary retail shops and business located within the town center to highway travelers.

About the Solution

Due to a long and successful history of working with ASI, Gensler Studio 585 asked ASI to fabricate and install the highly-designed exterior signage solution. ASI constructed the three massive 35-foot tall custom main entry pylon signs, and more than 20 smaller, interior campus pylons and monuments. Each sign has an eye-catching “prairie grass” shape cut out of the body of the sign, which is visible both day and night through internal illumination. Each pylon has a hollow center with ground mounted internal remote up-lighting to create a dramatic illumination effect at night. At the top of each pylon are curved steel wing structures with translucent panels that feature the primary town center occupants.

Because the main entry pylons were three-stories tall, the installation phase required a dual crane installation crew to facilitate the initial lifting and subsequent lowering into place of the outer pylon shell onto the towering steel support columns. The final result is a signage solution that can been viewed by travelers on both sides of the highway from up to a mile away.

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