Ansche Chesed Synagogue

Modern Signage for Historic Synagogue

Ansche Chesed Synagogue is a vibrant Jewish congregation located in New York City. Situated on the Upper West Side of Manhattan between Broadway and West End Avenue, Ansche Chesed Synagogue was founded in 1828 and is one of the oldest synagogues in New York City. It has a rich history and has been an integral part of the Jewish community in the area for almost two centuries.

Ansche Chesed offers a wide range of religious, educational, and social programs to its members and the broader community. In addition, Ansche Chesed is involved in social justice initiatives and community outreach programs.

The physical structure of Ansche Chesed Synagogue is a beautiful blend of traditional and modern architectural styles. It underwent significant renovations in the early 20th century, which added elements of Neo-Gothic and Romanesque Revival design.

About the Solution

A long-time partner of ASI New York City, Rocco Piscatello of Piscatello Design Center, thoughtfully designed the signage package. After a bidding process, ASI won the project and worked with Rocco to value engineer select designs to meet the client’s budget without compromising the design integrity.

ASI implemented a robust signage package consisting of identity and wayfinding solutions. ASI utilized high-end materials like bronze plaques and bronze dimensional letters, as well as compression-molded acrylic and acrylic dimensional letters.

Overall, the new signage package supports Ansche Chesed Synagogue’s mission to serve as a spiritual, intellectual, and communal center for its members, fostering a sense of belonging and Jewish identity within the diverse landscape of New York City.

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Consultation | Value-Engineering | Installation

Product Applications

Compression-Molded Acrylic | Bronze Dimensional Letters | Bronze Plaques | Acrylic Letters

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Piscatello Design Center

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