Bankers Trust

Financial Institution Gets a Facelift

Bankers Trust is a Des Moines based family bank with 18 locations from Phoenix Arizona to Central Iowa. A new Brand ID necessitated the rebranding of all locations, including interior and exterior signs and upgrading all signs to efficient LED.

ASI was charged with conducting and then implemented a complete sign audit which dictated that every location be visited and all existing signs be documented and analyzed.

Bankers Trust was looking for an organization that could conduct a comprehensive audit of all locations, including the viability of using some of the existing structures within the rebranding exercise. The complete exercise had to be completed within an eight month window. In addition all their electronic message boards needed to be switched   to Watchfire units which enabled them to control the messaging from one central location.

About the Solution

Bankers Trust provided all the new branding guidelines and ASI was charged with implementing that into the new design structure. All structures included a range of large pole signs, exterior monoliths and exterior channel letters (to name a few) were evaluated against the branding master design specifications resulting in in a variety of unique “individual” design applications for each situation. All existing neon and fluorescent lighting was replaced with more durable energy saving solution. This also aided in the ongoing maintenance.

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