Brusly High School

Designed to Honor Academic Success

Brusly High School is renowned for its academic success and has been a recognized U.S. School of Excellence since 2003. Students at Brusly High School are top-performers in district and state test scores, which translates to a high percentage of students that receive college scholarships.

Fusion BCB Architects brought ASI in to consult on Brusly High School’s signage needs. A kickoff meeting between ASI, the architect, and the client gave ASI the opportunity to design and specify all signage for the new Brusly High School. ASI consultants developed a turn-key interior and exterior signage package.

The expansive scope of work for the project included interior ADA and wayfinding signage, branding, an Academic Wall of Fame, and exterior traffic and building identification signage.

About the Solution

The design team for the new Brusly High School knew that they wanted to have strong, impactful graphics throughout the school to promote campus spirit and camaraderie.

Branding was a priority for the school to appeal to potential students and emphasize school pride for the current Brusly students. ASI worked with the architect to curate the branding package for the school, which consisted of wall-wrapped vinyl and laser-cut acrylic graphics, as well as dimensional logos.

The Academic Wall of Fame was a special component of the project, created using a series of laser-cut acrylic panels to display the names of honor roll students. With its new signage package, the halls of Brusly High School are now a physical testament to the spirit and academic achievement of its students.

Service Offerings

Turn-Key Design-Build | Fabrication | Installation

Product Applications

Stainless Steel Halo-Lit Letters | Acrylic Panels and Logo | Aluminum Letters | Cut Vinyl | FSP Series | InTouch III | Cast Bronze Plaques

Solution Partners

Fusion BCB Architects | Milton J. Womack, Inc.

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