Caesars Superdome 

Enhanced Wayfinding for an Iconic Venue

The Caesars Superdome, an iconic landmark in New Orleans, is one of the largest and most complex event facilities in the country. Beyond its architectural grandeur, the Superdome hosts a diverse array of events year-round, from world-class sporting competitions, like the Super Bowl, to concerts and conventions.

With a significant role in New Orleans’ cultural landscape, the Caesars Superdome attracts global visitors and holds an esteemed position within the city.

In anticipation of the 2025 Super Bowl in New Orleans and in celebration of the Dome’s 50th Anniversary, ASI undertook a pivotal role in the five-year renovation project. With its expansive size and intricate layout, effective wayfinding signage is essential to ensure that visitors can navigate the venue seamlessly during major events.

About the Solution

ASI’s role in this project showcased our ability to manage large-scale assignments with precision. Crafting diverse sign types with meticulous attention to detail, ASI delivered a comprehensive signage solution that seamlessly aligned with the grandeur and significance of Caesars Superdome.

From major wayfinding signage to branding elements and sponsorships, ASI designed, fabricated, and installed over 4,000 signs, encompassing more than 50 sign types.

As the renovation nears completion, the collaborative effort between ASI and Caesars Superdome stands as a testament to our expertise in providing impactful signage solutions for iconic landmarks, enhancing the visitor experience, and contributing to the venue’s enduring legacy.

BOA Award Recipient

Bloom Award for Best Overall & Best Cultural Solution

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