Carmel Clay Parks & Recreation

Freestanding Signage for Nationally Accredited Park

Carmel Clay Parks & Recreation manages over 500 acres in Carmel, Indiana. Central Park, a 159-acre park that is under the management of Carmel Clay Parks & Recreation, houses state-of-the-art facilities such as the Monon Community Center and over 6 miles of trails including the Monon Greenway.

Carmel Clay Parks & Recreation is recognized for its innovation and high-quality parks, as demonstrated by becoming one of only 172 nationally accredited agencies and winning the National Gold Medal Award for Excellence in Park and Recreation Management.

ASI was contracted to fabricate and install all signage in this project, with the design and wayfinding having already been completed by the architect.

About the Solution

Carmel Clay Parks & Recreation signage package consists of over 20 non-illuminated exterior freestanding signage installations throughout the park system.

In order to ensure the system was the perfect fit, ASI produced miniature samples of the exterior freestanding signage for client review and approval. The dimensional design of the signs, as well as the color scheme, was critical to the Carmel Clay Parks & Recreation brand, as well as the standardization.

Carmel Clay Parks & Recreation’s signage is a standardized system and compliments the entire park campus with radius bases and sign faces for all signage.

Today, ASI continues to consult with the client on future signage needs including wayfinding.

Service Offerings

Sample Production | Fabrication | Installation

Product Applications

Monument Signs | Monoliths | Directional Signage | Wayfinding Signage

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