City of Delaware

Modular Signage for Charming City

The City of Delaware, Ohio, is about 30 miles (48 km) north of Columbus. Founded in 1808, the City of Delaware is home to the Ohio Wesleyan University and has many businesses characteristic of university towns.

Downtown is the epicenter of the city with the main branch library, historical theater, antique shops, breweries, bookstores and local restaurants. This mix of modern with charm is precisely what ASI sought to capture in this signage program.

ASI first worked with the City of Delaware while partnering with the design firm Guide Studio on a Main ID monument sign for the Water Plant & Education Center. Subsequently, ASI provided signage for the Public Works & Parks department.

About the Solution

Prior to production, ASI took time to ensure that the paint and graphics were the correct color, shade and finish. Multiple rounds of samples were created until both parties were 100% satisfied with the outcome.

Modular, changeable panels on the exterior signs allow for easy updates for current and future events. Not only can events be listed, but the panels are able to be changed to redirect vehicular and pedestrian traffic for the events.

Every step along the way of this project for the City of Delaware was executed with expertise and high-level craftsmanship and attention to detail; From the design intent to the production of durable, timeless signage.

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Guide Studio

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