Collinwood Recreation Center

Custom Interior and Exterior Solution for Collinwood Recreation Center

Collinwood Recreation Center is a state-of-the-art recreation center that sits on the site of a former big box store. The facility is LEED certified and also accentuates various art forms from artistic paintings to pavers and finishes throughout the space. The exciting transformation took advantage of the building’s sound architectural system, reducing the construction cost and employing environmentally responsible. Re-use of the existing construction. The design included the removal of the existing building skin, exposing the steel structure and creating an exterior framework that began to establish outdoor spaces and colonnades connecting neighboring properties.

About the Solution

ASI was brought into the project early on in the design phase
to help specify a durable, vandal-resistant product and develop budgetary numbers. We also helped value engineer the design details to ensure that fabrication of the signage was feasible. Once awarded the bid, ASI further worked with the designer and architect on more minute details to maintain the original design intent of the program. The final design of the sign features
a modern green glass look with a custom grained chemetal, accenting the design.

As part of the process, a mock-up was created of the large illuminated “Collinwood Recreation Center” letters to demonstrate the lighting effect. ASI also engineered the sign to make it not only aesthetically pleasing, but structurally sound and most importantly, installable.

Service Offerings

Value Engineering | Manufacturing | Installation

Product Applications

InForm | Custom Chemetal Accents | Dimensional Letters

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Studio Graphique | City Architecture

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