DaimlerChrysler Financial Services

Architectural Signage and Wayfinding Plan for Financial Services Center

DaimlerChrysler Financial Services is the finance arm for DaimlerChrysler products worldwide. As one of the world’s largest captive financial services companies, DaimlerChrysler Financial Services operates autonomously within the Daimler’s international organization.

As part of a diversity push from Daimler’s corporate headquarters, the choice was made to contract with a local architecture firm, Synergy Group, to design DaimlerChrysler Financial Services’ Farmington Hills corporate campus. The architectural design of the corporate center relies on open spaces filled with cubicles, which are bordered by management and supervisor offices. This structure was designed to allow for flexibility since departments within the center would make frequent changes to overall size and location within the building. To conform to this dynamic working environment, an intelligent and efficient wayfinding plan and interior signage package was needed.

About the Solution

ASI partnered with Synergy and DaimlerChrysler to create the wayfinding plan and the design the interior signage solution for the financial center. After consulting with the development team and analyzing the floor plan, ASI recommended a modular signage system due to its durability, design flexibility and ability to allow for frequent updates. The signage solution implemented allows for frequent changes to department and office locations without requiring new signs and incorporates a color-coded design element to indicate the floor as well as the department to clients, contract employees as well as full-time staff.

To meet the signage needs of the center, ASI provided Pacific Interior™, a modular curved-face interior signage solution. Pacific Interior’s expandable modular system design and front loaded, interchangeable message panels allows staff members to keep up with tenant changes and correct wayfinding information as needed. Digital-printed vinyl appliqués adorn the surface of primary wayfinding directional and directory signs. In addition, full-color graphics are applied to the cafeteria signage in the basement of the building to continue the look and feel of the program.

The result is an attractive and functional signage solution that communicates the wayfinding plan and provides for sustainable updates for years to come.

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