Edinburg Children’s Hospital

Unique Custom Signs Create Child-like Atmosphere

The Edinburg Children’s Hospital opened in February 2006 and includes a 14-bed PICU, a 14-bed pediatric oncology unit, an 11-bed step-down unit, 40 beds for general medical/surgical, and a 14-bed emergency department. Edinburg needed signage to complement the jungle-themed artwork of renowned artist Roark Gourley for both interior and exterior signage. Known for his light-hearted works, Gourley’s art has been shown in the Smithsonian and all over the world. He was perfectly suited for this job as the hospital wanted an inviting, playful atmosphere for children and adults alike.

Collaboration was definitely the theme of this project as it involved not only cooperation between the artist, HKS, Universal Health Services, Inc. (UHS) and ASI, but also close cooperation within the ASI’s affiliate network. The Orlando affiliate managed the project and built the relationship with HKS and UHS while the Dallas affiliate leveraged its manufacturing capabilities to manage the fabrication and installation of all the signage for Edinburg. ASI is known throughout the architectural industry for its master craftsmanship and value-engineering capabilities: taking complex, elaborate design ideas and fabricating durable, cost-effective solutions.

About the Solution

The signage solution helps create an environment that looks and feels more like a children’s playroom than a hospital. HKS designed the entire signage package to complement Gourley’s jungle-themed artwork, which is included on each sign. The interior solution consists of custom themed signage to help guide visitors, staff and patients through the facility. Each sign reflects Gourley’s mural theme by tying a color to each of the six
primary animals in the mural, (i.e., blue = tiger, green = giraffe) to provide wayfinding clues.

The custom exterior signage system includes aluminum post-and-panel, monolith, and dimensional lettering surrounding the entrance to the facility. ASI also fabricated “toy letter blocks” that spell out Edinburg. The letter blocks are built from HKS’ concept. ASI devised a way to bring the concept to life by creating 3-dimensional, 6-foot fabricated illuminated flex-face cabinets. These cabinets were mounted to I-beams and welded together, then placed atop the building to complement the exterior architectural elements.

The overwhelming success of this project has led to more than 12 designer hospitals in collaboration with HKS and UHS in locations including South Carolina, Florida and Texas.

Service Offerings

Value Engineering | Fabrication | Installation

Product Applications

Custom Exterior | Interior Illumination | Aluminum Signage | ADA-Ready™

Solution Partners

HKS Environmental Graphics | Universal Health Services, Inc. | Roark Gourley, designer

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