Hauptman-Woodward Medical Research Institute

Functional, Updateable Signage for Research Facility

The Hauptman-Woodward Medical Research Institute (HWI) is an independent, not-for-profit biomedical research facility in Buffalo, New York. Under the leadership of Nobel Laureate Herbert Hauptman, HWI scientists are committed to improving human health through mathematics and structural biology.

With the construction of the new Structural Biology Research Center, HWI needed a new interior and exterior signage program to complement the glass and aluminum architectural elements of the facility. Because the building is a secure facility requiring pass access or visitor escort, the emphasis for the signage was on function and updatability rather than aesthetics and brand recognition.

About the Solution

ASI was selected to manufacture and install the signage system based on designs by Cannon Design. ASI manufactured simple yet elegant room IDs using updateable glass inserts on a polished-edge, satin aluminum frame. Cubicle ID signs were created using the same basic design, but with a frame which allows them to be mounted directly on the cubicle wall. The glass insert was eliminated from the design of the regulatory signs that do not require updates.

The restroom IDs also incorporated polished aluminum and glass and each projecting restroom ID was created using a block of glass with cut-out polished aluminum figures representing the man and woman.  Additionally, because the main reception area is not immediately visible upon entrance to the center, ASI produced a glass monolith to lead unfamiliar visitors to the desk for check-in.

For the exterior signage system, ASI produced exterior dimensional letters to identify the building, and then carried the same letter design throughout the interior to identify key areas. ASI also produced a large aluminum monument to guide visitors to the building. The design of the monument reflects the simple, modern style of the interior signage.

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