Knock Knock Children’s Museum

Signage for Interactive Children’s Museum

Knock Knock Children’s Museum is a 501(c)(3), private, non-profit organization committed to providing an inclusive gathering place where families and children of all backgrounds and experiences can interact and learn through play. The 26,000-square-foot facility sits atop Knock Knock Hill overlooking City-Brooks Community Park, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Its prime location on six acres of existing parkland provides access to all communities within Baton Rouge and the surrounding nine-parish area. The museum has 18 hands-on, fun-filled, interactive exhibits called “Learning Zones.” Anchored in research and evidence-based practices addressing all areas of development, these Learning Zones are designed to create teachable moments that will connect children’s everyday experiences to learning.

The goal was to provide signage inside and outside the facility that blended in with the theme of a children’s museum and that projected warmth and learning to the kids.

About the Solution

Designed by local Baton Rouge architects, Remson-Haley-Herpin, the museum had many unique signage challenges.  ASI was a partner early in the design process, to discuss build options and mounting methods with the design team.

The wall-mounted logo sign had many challenges, not to mention its size alone, at 20’h x 25’w.  Having face illumination, halo lighting, and perimeter LEDs, the wall logo sign stood out and presented some unique installation issues.  With no overhead access available, ASI successfully designed the sign to mount in multiple pieces, to enable it to be lifted off the ground.

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Fabrication | Assessment | Installation | Design

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LF Series Letters | Messenger Exterior Signage | Legacy Series Exterior Sign

Solution Partners

M.D. Descant, Inc., General Contractor | Remson-Haley-Herpin, Architects

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