Missouri Veterans Memorial

Honoring the Guardians of Liberty

Missouri’s first statewide memorial to Missouri veterans had undergone a fountain renovation in 2019. Located in the state capital, Jefferson City, it was initiated by Missouri Veterans Commission to honor Missouri men and women – past, present and future – who serve their country. It is a place where visitors can reflect, observe and honor the sacrifices made by veterans.

ASI St. Louis was tasked with providing a solution for adding maintainable cast bronze letters in the reflecting pool.

About the Solution

The cast bronze letters reading Missouri Veterans Guardians of Liberty were installed using standoffs for the letters to appear to be floating above the existing granite Missouri shape, just below the surface of the water.

12 guage, 316 stainless steel undersized letter bases were mechanically fastened to 5/8” diameter stainless steel standoff rods, which were mechanically fastened into the masonry and granite state shape within the fountain.

The 12” tall cast bronze prismatic letters were then attached to the stainless steel from the underside of the bases. This mounting method enables a disconnection of the cast letters, for future refinishing, without having to completely drain the fountain, or disassemble the entire mounting system used to give the letters a floating appearance.

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