Monmouth College, Center for Science and Business

Unique Interior Room Identification and Wayfinding System 

With the ushering-in of a new academic era at Monmouth College, the innovative Center for Science and Business is a hub of interaction and learning. Designed with the intent for cross-department learning, it houses science, math, computer science and business departments. Monmouth College chartered ASI, Chicago to design, program, fabricate and install a unique interior room identification and wayfinding system for the 138,000 square-foot building.

About the Solution

Wanting an affordable solution that brought a level of sophistication and style to the state-of-the-art facility, Monmouth College was pleased with the custom solution ASI designed. Matching the color palette and incorporating architectural elements, ASI designed a successful system that also recognized the multitude of generous donors of the $40 million facility. A custom donor recognition wall was designed and fabricated by ASI along with donor plaques on rooms, wings and floors throughout the building. Dimensional letters, cast plaques, ADA-Ready InTac™ and custom interior signage were used to complete the refined system of signage. A design element in the header portion of the sign types matched a design element in the stairwell railing.

The building houses several college departments, classrooms and auditoriums. It also hosts public events for the community.  The challenges with wayfinding in the building were directing from entrances on two levels and at a central stair with limited possibilities for sign placement and visibility. ASI provided wayfinding and planning services to meet Monmouth’s unique needs. The Intac ADA ready sign system and complimentary wayfinding and donor signage systems were selected because of their custom design flexibility and cost-effectiveness. It allowed for a classroom backboard sign that met the various criteria outlined by the owner. As with most projects, the signage came in at the end of the project and needed to fit within their remaining project budget. There was a project schedule to get signs into the newly constructed building. Signage was manufactured by ASI, Iowa.

Service Offerings

Design-build | Wayfinding | Consultation | Fabrication | Installation

Product Applications

InTac™ | Donor Recognition Wall | Cast Plaques | Dimensional Letters

Solution Partners

Dan Van Woert, EGD

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