Nebraska Orthopaedic Hospital

Turn-key Elegant Branding Solutions

The Nebraska Orthopaedic Hospital (NOH) is the first of its kind in Nebraska, setting a new standard for healthcare.  Partnering between local orthopaedic surgeons and The Nebraska Medical Center, the NOH offers surgical services related exclusively to orthopaedic medicine.  Its 100,000 sq. ft. leading-edge facility contains 24 private beds and support spaces, 10 OR’s, recovery beds, as well as other administrative and conferencing areas.

The Nebraska Orthopaedic Hospital needed an interior and exterior signage solution prior to the opening of the facility to provide direction to patient, staff and visitors.  Altus Architectural Studios, located in Omaha, NE, designed the facility and sought ASI as a signage provider to execute a signage solution that would seamlessly integrate into the facility.

About the Solution

ASI worked with Altus Architectural Studios and the lead designer Jessica Dolittle of Studio Interiors & Design to develop an interior and exterior signage system to complement the hospital’s architecture and incorporate the NOH brand.  The interior solution met ADA guidelines while providing the flexibility and elegance needed through the design of a custom signage package incorporating wood and glass materials.  Flexible, paper inserts were also used to accommodate the changing facility needs and designed to reinforce the NOH brand.

For the exterior solution, the modular signage system Messenger Exterior was selected.  The final solution incorporated the NOH logo, with an elegant, yet simple design to serve as site and directional identification to patients, staff and visitors of the hospital.  Working with both the NOH and other solutions partners, ASI was able to recommend materials, fabricate and install the complete signage solution prior to the opening of the hospital.

Service Offerings

Integration | Wayfinding | Fabrication | Installation

Product Applications

Messenger Exterior™ | Aluminum signage | Dimensional letters

Solution Partners

Altus Architectural Studios | Jessica Doolittle, Interior Designer

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