NYS Empire State Trail

Signage for Longest Multi-Use State Trail in the USA

When completed in 2020, the Empire State Trail is set to be the longest multi-use state trail in the US. The continuous 750-mile route will span New York State all the way from New York City to Canada and Buffalo to Albany.

The client was heavily involved with specific requirements, even down to the way the mounting hardware appeared. The vision was for an industrial-looking kiosk, utilizing materials that are specific to New York State.

Time constraints revolved around visits that the NYS Governor was making to Buffalo and Syracuse. From the acceptance of the contract to the first installation date, ASI had 5 months to complete the project.

About the Solution

All elements of this project were completely custom. As ASI was working with the state, there were various specifications and modifications that needed to be made to meet the specific product requirements. Every tiny detail had to be recorded and each piece and part easily duplicated and/or obtainable by others.

Once the production documents were complete, ASI had to create a full-size wooden mockup for the team to be able to physically see the size of the structure and the exact placement of each element, down to the 1/16″.

Everything had to be precise as the design would be carried out across at least 6 sites. Not only did ASI have to engineer the kiosk to withstand the Buffalo winters, but ASI also had to consider and engineer for the environmental conditions in cities across New York.

Photo Credit: Hudson Valley Greenway

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