Sleek Signage for Scientific Leader

Schrödinger is a computational chemistry and biotechnology company based in New York. The company is named after the renowned physicist Erwin Schrödinger, whose work in quantum mechanics laid the foundation for their computational methods.

Founded in 1990, Schrödinger specializes in developing and applying advanced computational techniques to accelerate the process of drug discovery and materials design. Their primary focus is on the field of molecular modeling and simulation. By leveraging computer-based methods, Schrödinger enables researchers to model and simulate the behavior of molecules at the atomic and molecular level.

As a scientific leader, Schrödinger’s offices are deliberately designed to match the company’s philosophy and mission.

About the Solution

Before working with ASI on this project, Schrödinger worked with a different sign company that had already completed multiple floors at the site. The client noted that this other sign company was not providing high-end product quality and lacked good customer service.

Due to this, ASI was awarded the opportunity to complete Schrödinger’s new 25th floor. The scope of work called for a sleek signage package consisting of wayfinding and branding solutions. ASI incorporated large wall graphics, compression-molded acrylic Room ID signs and a cut letter logo.

ASI’s seamless signage implementation showcases Schrödinger’s 25th floor as an environment for innovation. With this project’s success, ASI is now the client’s preferred signage vendor.

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Product Applications

Large Wall Graphics | Cut Letter Logo | Compression Molded Acrylic

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