Serra Catholic School

Complete Custom Identity Solution for Private K-12 School

Serra Catholic School is a faith-based K-12 private school that servers the children from the parishes of St. Kilian, San Francisco Solano, Santiago de Compostela, and Holy Trinity in California. The school strives to educate and develop the unique potential of each student spiritually, academically, physically, psychologically, and socially by offering an environment that fosters diverse learning styles and provides rich academic experiences.

Due to increased enrollment, Serra Catholic needed to expand the campus facilities resulting in a new multi-wing middle school building with an attached student activity center. The new middle school building consists of three two-story buildings connected with bridges on the 2nd floor. The adjacent student activity center includes basketball and volleyball courts with a seating capacity for more than 1,000 people. To complete the new facility and honor the financial donors who helped make the expansion possible, a complete interior and exterior signage solution was needed

About the Solution

LPA Architects, the signage designer for the new school building, partnered with ASI to engineer, fabricate and install a complete interior and exterior architectural signage and identity solution. Infinity™ was selected as the primary interior signage solution due to its flexibility and functionality while meeting the design goals of the signage program. Infinity is a modular signage system based on a perforated chassis with an exclusive, patented attachment and registration system. This modular flexibility allowed the designer to create a solution that complements the Spanish mission-style of the interior décor and the signage can easily expand as need communication needs arise.

As part of the interior solution, ASI worked with LPA Architects to create a room identification signage solution that allowed the school to recognize donors who made this expansion possible, while continuing to work within the Infinity system. To effectively meet this need, ASI proposed the combination of custom-cut SignEtch™ plaques to attach to the Infinity chassis. The combination provided a “touch of class” to an already well-designed room ID sign, while paying tribute to the schools financial patrons and allowing for future message updates.

In addition to the interior signage, ASI also provided custom cut metal dimensional letters for the interior and exterior of the building to promote the school’s brand while provide needed identification.

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