The Hayden at Roebling Point

Multifamily Branding & Wayfinding

The Hayden, a luxury residential facility, aimed to add branding and wayfinding signage to their building. The project posed a unique challenge of combining the aesthetics of luxury with the simplicity required for immediate understanding and ease of navigation, especially for new residents and guests.

The primary users, namely the residents, staff, security personnel and guests, were kept in mind throughout the design process. The signage needed to be intuitive for first-time visitors, while seamlessly fitting into the elegant ambiance familiar to the existing residents.

ASI’s signage program at The Hayden perfectly exemplifies how design can bridge the gap between luxury and utility. Through meticulous planning and an in-depth understanding of the client’s vision, signage enhanced The Hayden’s identity, underlining its commitment to both aesthetics and the well-being of its inhabitants.

About the Solution

On the building’s exterior, branding signage was skillfully integrated on the North and West sides of the parking lot walls as well as building entrances. Due to size constraints and practical considerations, the exterior signs were non-illuminated but well-lit from external light sources.

The interior signage followed a consistent theme, with the font and color scheme mirroring The Hayden’s luxury and simplicity. A wayfinding audit was conducted to strategically place the identification signage. Special attention was paid to the evacuation plan signs, ensuring that the wayfinding signage was simple and cohesive with paths from elevators to stairs clearly marked.

Signage became a defining feature of The Hayden, enhancing its character and lending it a distinct personality with a simple yet sophisticated design.

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