The University of Colorado Denver

Signs of a Prospering Campus

With a goal of actively broadening their enrollment, the University of Colorado Denver designed and broke ground on a new 5-story building in January 2013. The Student Commons Building was opened in August 2014 and admitted the largest-ever freshman class.

This project was a spotlight for the University of Colorado Denver and the City of Denver as it is located on one of the largest, most visible intersections in downtown Denver, making campus branding a key element of this project.

The Student Commons Building, due to its key visibility on campus, was branded with four complete sets of exterior “CU” logos and “University of Colorado Denver” illuminated letters, and one larger “CU” logo installed high on the North West building face. With extensive landscaping work to be completed around the building in the summer of 2014, ASI was called to deliver and install the exterior signage in May, as soon as the exterior of the building construction was complete.

About the Solution

As on most large jobsites in a tight urban space, scheduling rigging trucks and equipment around other trades occupying the same space, posed a challenge. Add that to the close proximity to major intersections, as well as student foot traffic, the exterior execution required detailed coordination with Saunders Construction and safety precautions were dialed up. Most sign locations required that large pieces be lifted, basically straight into the air, with very little room to maneuver equipment. Once all details were worked out, it took approximately a week to execute the actual installation of the exterior logos and letters.

Interior 20 signs were already displayed around the campus (since 2006) and continuing with this selection added to the branding of the new facility. Furthermore the modular, flexible signage solution and the ease of use when changing paper inserts made this selection easier to manage.

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