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Mapping the Way – Custom Print for Real Estate Developer

Uptown Rentals is one of the most prominent residential development and rental companies in the Greater Cincinnati area. Owning a large portfolio of properties citywide, from the University of Cincinnati to the suburbs, Uptown Rentals has invested millions of dollars into the construction of new student housing within the past decade.

To uniquely brand each property, ASI Cincinnati was asked by Uptown Rentals to develop custom high-end, digitally-printed wall graphics for various locations – including the VP3 apartments and the company’s corporate office.

About the Solution

One such custom graphic delivered by ASI Cincinnati is a digitally printed wall map that makes a strong statement in a key office location.

The digital print was designed to cover both the entry wall and the collaboration room of the Uptown Rentals corporate office, a building with a post-modern design and a minimalist feel. Hand drawn by artist and illustrator Phil Rowland, the digital print is a map of the surrounding Uptown Cincinnati area, depicting each building and street with an impressive level of detail.

The custom digitally-printed map has a dominant color of dark iron ore to contrast the white walls throughout the building. The graphics are designed to be consistent with Uptown Rentals’ branding, while simultaneously paying homage to the University of Cincinnati (UC), a key anchor for Uptown Rental’s housing developments. The wall map showcases the area by depicting a bird’s eye view of neighborhood streets and buildings, showcasing each of the local Uptown Rental property locations and some of UC’s most recognizable structures, such as Nippert Stadium, dorms and McMicken Hall.

This custom-designed print is a stand-out project piece that is both a conversation starter and a visual resume of the company’s successes. It serves to help Uptown Rental stand out from the crowd, while cultivating a neighborly feel that connects with the community.

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