SignPlan™ Process

Signage plays a crucial role in conveying messages, enhancing brand visibility, and guiding people. ASI has the unique expertise required to effectively navigate signage challenges and deliver projects that exceed expectations. Our team of industry leaders are well-versed at orchestrating the various stages of a signage program and maintaining effective communication between all parties.

Embarking on a signage program requires careful planning and collaboration between various stakeholders. At ASI, our experienced sales consultants play a pivotal role in understanding the client’s vision, goals, and brand identity. The initial consultation phase sets the foundation for the signage program, ensuring a clear understanding of design requirements and the scope of work. Managing a signage project from initial design to final installation requires a systematic process. Effective communication, collaboration with stakeholders, attention to technical considerations, and meticulous planning are vital to ensure successful outcomes.

ASI thrives when working hand-in-hand with clients to deliver bespoke signage solutions. After establishing a clear understanding of the client’s vision, our sales consultants work tirelessly to craft solutions based on the client’s unique needs. By focusing on client satisfaction and delivering innovative design solutions, sales consultants play a vital part in shaping the success of the overall signage program. Start your signage journey today – request a consultation to begin.


Project Phases


In any signage program, ASI’s first step is to establish a clear understanding of the client’s signage goals. Sales consultants are experts at asking the right questions to define the client’s design objectives. By actively listening to the client’s needs, ASI’s sales consultants lay the groundwork for a successful, collaborative signage program.

Site Assessment

ASI works closely with the client to conduct comprehensive site surveys and assessments as needed. Our team will evaluate the architectural environment to assess wayfinding needs and any factors that may impact the signage program. ASI’s experienced sales consultants provide recommendations tailored to the site’s unique characteristics.

Design Development

Through collaboration with the client, ASI’s sales consultants define design objectives around the organization’s brand identity and signage vision. For custom solutions, graphic designers explore creative concepts that align with the client’s goal. Leveraging their industry expertise, sales consultants finetune the signage design alongside the client.

Client Approval

Sales consultants work closely with production, project management and installation teams to develop a comprehensive proposal that captures all aspects of the envisioned signage program. Sales consultants present the proposal and address any questions or concerns the client may have. ASI will collaborate on refining the proposal until final approval is received.

Project Management

After the client’s approval, the signage program undergoes a handoff between the Sales Consultant, who will remain involved in project meetings and decisions, and a Project Manager. At this stage, often marked by a kickoff meeting, the Project Manager will engage in detailed discussions with the client regarding next steps while establishing clear expectations on deliverables and timelines.

Permits & Engineering

ASI ensures compliance with local regulations and project specifications, then handles every step of the permitting process – securing all necessary approvals and official sign-offs. The project manager will also collaborate with production and installation teams to review technical aspects such as materials, fabrication techniques and installation methods.


Project managers work with in-house production teams as well as vendors and suppliers to procure the necessary materials and components for signage fabrication. Communication is key during the production phase in order to promptly address any concerns and keep the project on track. Quality control checks are completed prior to prepping the signage for installation.


As the signage is prepped for installation, project managers collaborate with installation teams to coordinate logistics, site access, and safety measures. ASI develops an installation plan, considering factors like weather conditions and any potential disruptions. The project manager or sales consultant is typically on-site for complex installations to ensure everything goes according to plan.


Once the installation is complete, ASI conducts a final assessment to ensure the signage meets the required standards and aligns with the client’s expectations. Any necessary adjustments or touch-ups are addressed promptly. Project managers facilitate final inspections with the client and obtain sign-off, signifying project completion.