About Terra

Terra elevates the concept of signage, seamlessly merging style and environmental consciousness. Crafted from ecoresin™, a material with 40% post-industrial recycled content and zero off-gassing, Terra not only offers aesthetic appeal for green buildings but also complies with ADA guidelines and building codes.

Environmentally Friendly Material: Terra is composed of ecoresin™, featuring 40% post-industrial recycled material bonded to a 0.03” clear, high-resolution polyester photopolymer. The material production process employs plain tap water, and its effluent is 100% biodegradable, aligning with environmental sustainability standards.

Durable and Sustainable Solution: Class A or B flammability and smoke spread ratings ensure safety, with Class A achieved in facilities with fire suppression systems. Incorporating decorative stand-offs and mechanical fasteners allows updates to message panels without replacing entire signs, enhancing sustainability.

Versatile Materials: With 15 standard materials available for “quick ship” purposes, Terra offers endless non-standard material options through layering and graphic applications.

In conclusion, Terra is a testament to ASI’s commitment to sustainable signage solutions. Its innovative use of ecoresin™, versatile material options, and environmentally friendly manufacturing processes make it a go-to choice for businesses seeking stylish yet eco-conscious ADA-Ready™ signage.

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