Top 3 Benefits of Design-Build



Design-Build is an ASI service option where signage design and implementation are managed by ASI. In contrast to a delivery model where signage is procured after the design has been finalized, Design-Build overlaps the design and production phases of a signage project. In this integrated, collaborative signage process, ASI takes care of the signage in its entirety – from preliminary planning to design development, and production to the final delivery and installation – on time, as specified, and within budget.

Pre-Designed Signage Program – Signage is procured after the design has been finalized. Project pricing, local regulations, on-site conditions, constructability and possible value engineering are not fully considered until after the signage design has been completed and approved.

Design-Build Signage Program – Streamlined, collaborative approach with efficiencies that reduce cost and shorten the project timeline. Pricing, local regulations, on-site conditions, constructability and value engineering move to the forefront of the signage design process.

Below are the Top 3 Benefits of Design-Build:

  1. Single Point of Contact – Simplifies communication process, mitigates the risk of error and allows for simplified account management and future reorder processes.
  2. Reduction in Project Costs – Reduces cost of design services, bidding and contract administration. Allows signage experts to provide Value Engineering options that leverage experience and custom creative options to reduce cost without compromising aesthetic or schedule objectives.
  3. Shortens Project Timeline – Increases speed of delivery through overlapping Design and Production phases of a signage project. Since ASI designs the signage, it is simple to proceed into production after receiving client approval. With an outside firm completing the signage design, ASI production designers still need to translate those drawings into true production art that takes into account on-site conditions, building layout and local regulations before proceeding into production.


With an outcome-specific contractual agreement, ASI’s Design-Build serves to develop and deliver a comprehensive signage program that is responsive to aesthetic, functional, budgetary and schedule objectives, on-site conditions, building architecture, wayfinding needs and local regulations. ASI provides an upfront cost breakdown for the signage program and, if desired, our experienced teams are able to provide alternative, value-engineered options to reduce cost without compromising aesthetics.

Design-Build deliverables include a site-specific signage submittal package with a location plan, message schedule, and individual sign layouts with fabrication details including fonts, colors and graphic elements. In addition, ASI provides access to an exclusive client-only online ordering system for future signage needs.


Site Analysis & Planning – Comprehensive analysis assessing the needs and conditions of the facility, researching local regulations and leveraging ADA and wayfinding expertise to develop a signage plan.

Design Development – Through a collaborative process ASI develops a practical, creative, and cohesive signage system using pre-engineered standard solutions and/or custom design and fabrication capabilities.

Production – By following ASI’s strong processes and quality control checks, ASI’s production teams deliver premium-quality signage exactly as specified.

Installation – ASI installation teams ensure each project is delivered professionally and on schedule, coordinating with site management and local contacts for a seamless implementation.

Ongoing Support – Maintenance support and access to ASI’s online ordering system allows you to maintain established signage standards as your facility evolves.


ASI has 60 years of experience delivering quality service and product solutions for architectural environments. Our local, multi-disciplined teams have extensive experience in the signage industry. ASI is focused on delivering professional services to our clients that result in the best overall value – from the planning process to implementation and support – ASI’s Design-Build services is a single-source solution to designing, implementing and maintaining a cohesive signage program.