LECOM Harborcenter

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LECOM Harborcenter is a mixed-use facility in downtown Buffalo, New York developed by Pegula Sports and Entertainment (PSE). Previously known simply as Harborcenter, the Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine (LECOM) established a multi-year naming rights partnership that would rebrand the development as LECOM Harborcenter.

LECOM Harborcenter features retail and restaurant space, a hotel, and hockey rinks that are used by local teams and the Buffalo Sabres practice facility. LECOM Harborcenter is also home to other events such as an annual fundraiser for organizations in Buffalo.

The project vision was to create a recognition wall that had multiple outcomes: rebranding the space as well as recognizing the LECOM community and its partnership with both Harborcenter and the Buffalo Sabres. The program needed to represent the high quality of medical education that LECOM provides.

About the Solution

ASI is a longstanding partner of the developer, PSE. When this new signage need arose, it was clear that ASI would execute the vision. The main focus of this project was how to best represent LECOM and their partnership with PSE to the Buffalo community.

ASI provided value-engineering services on the client’s initial design concept. The recognition wall honors medical student recipients of the PSE Scholarship and contains actual hockey pucks with digitally printed disks adhered to the pucks.

ASI utilized a digitally printed wall wrap, then incorporated subsurface-printed acrylic panels that tell the story of LECOM Harborcenter. Two aluminum box panels with dimensional lettering proudly display the LECOM Harborcenter logo, reinforcing the brand and partnership.

Service Offerings

Value-Engineering | Fabrication | Installation

Product Applications

Digitally Printed Wall Wrap | Aluminum Box Panel | Dimensional Letters | Acrylic Panels

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