Tolliver Hall

Dynamic Design-Build for Student Center

Tolliver Hall at Louisiana Tech University serves as the heart of the campus, offering a wide array of essential services and amenities that cater to student needs. This Georgian-style building has been thoughtfully repurposed, and recently underwent a major renovation, breathing new life into its historic walls.

The renovation of Tolliver Hall, designed by Tipton Associates, included the addition of a magnificent lenticular branding wall, spanning nearly 110 feet. This impressive feature, meticulously designed, built, and installed by ASI, became an integral part of the hall’s refreshed identity.

Complementing this branding wall, another area proudly showcases the University’s Fight Song and Alma Mater through eye-catching dimensional letters. Through the collaboration between Tipton Associates and ASI, Tolliver Hall has been transformed into a welcoming and dynamic space that inspires and empowers students throughout their academic journey.

About the Solution

The collaborative effort between Tipton Associates and ASI proved instrumental in bringing this ambitious Design-Build signage concept to fruition.

Kayla Calongne, an accomplished Interior Designer with Tipton Associates, expressed her appreciation for the expertise ASI brought to the project, stating, “We had a very lofty design idea that presented a logistical challenge to execute. After a few meetings with the ASI Design Team, they were able to walk us through logistics such as material, cost, spacing, graphics, installation, and budget. This gave the team and client more confidence about the final product. It was great to see our dream come to life with the expertise ASI brought to the table.”

Tolliver Hall, now infused with renewed energy and purpose, stands as a testament to the University’s commitment to providing a vibrant and engaging student experience. This central student hub fosters a sense of community within the Louisiana Tech University campus.

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