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Interior and Exterior Health Care Signs and Wayfinding Solutions for Hospitals and Medical Offices

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Providing Wayfinding and Signage Solutions for Healthcare for 45 Years

Visits to healthcare facilities can often be stressful for visitors and patients seeking care. ASI helps to alleviate that stress by providing clear wayfinding, ADA-Ready™ solutions and signage that complements the healing décor designed for healing environments. ASI has been providing signage services and solutions to healthcare environments for more than 40 years, meaning we have the experience necessary to understand complex healing environments. As the leading healthcare signage provider, ASI understands the needs of healthcare facilities and can help to ensure your visitors arrive at their destination.

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Children’s Hospitals

signs for childrens hospitals

Interior and Exterior Solutions for Children's Hospitals

Creating signage solutions for children’s hospitals requires an understanding of how signage can make a positive impact in healing environments. ASI creates complete interior and exterior signage solutions that complement the architectural environment, effectively communicate clear wayfinding messages and directional information, and create a child-like atmosphere for patients, parents and medical staff.

Public & Private Hospitals

signs for hospitals

Interior and Exterior Solutions for Hospitals

Large, multi-facility hospitals are always challenging. Departments can move to an expanded wing or new facility, and navigating the corridors can be difficult for patients and staff. ASI has proven time and again that we are the ideal partner for analyzing and creating efficient and effective wayfinding solutions for hospitals.

Medical Offices & Surgery Centers

signs for medical offices

Interior and Exterior Solutions for Medical Offices and Surgery Centers

As the healthcare industry grows and changes to meet the needs of the communities they serve, and Surgery centers, specialty clinics and medical offices are growing day by day to help serve the diverse healthcare needs of growing and changing communities. Because surgery centers and medical offices are often extensions of a larger parent hospital or medical services group, there is a need to ensure brand identity standards maintained. ASI is uniquely equipped to create signage solutions for the specialty care centers because of ability to deliver complete interior, exterior and digital signage solutions across the U.S.


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