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With the passing of the ADA legislation in 1990, the necessity for raised letters and Grade II braille on interior signage became mandatory. ASI has been a pioneer in meeting these requirements, initially with Raster Braille (ASI InTac) and later with Photopolymer (ASI InTouch). The latest innovation from ASI, ASI 3D Form, marks a significant leap forward, introducing a new option that utilizes 3D printing to achieve raised graphics, braille, and textured surfaces on various sign substrates.

Comprehensive ADA Compliance: ASI 3D Form creates Grade II braille, different height text and graphics, multiple colors, and textures all in a single run, ensuring complete ADA compliance.

Versatile Substrate Compatibility: The use of White UV ink creates a highly opaque image, enabling the printing of bright colors on almost any colored or transparent substrate, including wood, ceramic tiles, acrylic, metals, and glass.

Durability and Color Set: UV LED inks, with a 6-color set including clear and white, offer outstanding solvent and abrasion durability, ensuring the longevity of the printed signage.

In conclusion, ASI 3D Form signifies a paradigm shift in ADA-Ready™ signage, combining technological advancements with versatile design possibilities. This innovative approach not only adheres to ADA regulations but also opens up new avenues for businesses to create visually engaging and compliant signage, marking a revolution in the way organizations communicate their brand and messages to the world.

ASI Product: 3D Form

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