About InTac™

InTac™ redefines ADA-Ready™ signage by leveraging precision machining techniques, offering a versatile solution for businesses seeking visually striking and compliant signage. This innovative approach allows the creation of signs on various substrates, introducing flexibility in design and material selection.

Precision Machined Tactile Graphics and Grade II Braille: InTac™ employs precision machining to apply computer-cut tactile lettering and raised graphics, ensuring a visually appealing and compliant ADA-Ready™ sign. Machined and pressed Grade II Braille enhances accessibility and inclusivity in accordance with ADA regulations.

Versatility in Substrates and Design: Unlike traditional photopolymer materials, InTac™ utilizes diverse substrates such as wood laminates, clear and frosted acrylic, and metal interior-rated materials. Custom profiles, edge details, and a wide variety of substrates provide extensive design flexibility for unique and tailored signage solutions.

Subsurface Graphics: Subsurface silkscreen or digital printed graphics further contribute to the overall aesthetic appeal of InTac™ signage.

In conclusion, InTac™ sets a new standard for ADA-Ready™ signage with precision machined tactile graphics, Grade II Braille, and versatile substrate options. This approach not only ensures visual appeal and compliance but also allows businesses to communicate their brand effectively using a wide range of materials and design possibilities.

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