About InTouch™

InTouch™ revolutionizes the signage landscape, offering a cost-effective and versatile solution for businesses seeking durable and visually appealing ADA-Ready™ signage. Crafted as a single-piece photopolymer, InTouch™ stands out with its distinctive advantages, catering to both interior and exterior applications.

Intricate Graphics and Durability: InTouch™ excels in delivering intricate graphic detail, creating visually appealing signage.The durable matte topcoat ensures resistance to cleaning agents and vandalism, enhancing longevity.

Wide Range of Customization: Tailor your signage with a diverse color palette for text, graphics, and backgrounds. Choose from various thickness options and oversized back panel choices for added customization.

Versatile Installation and Integration: InTouch™ offers flexible installation options, including wall or partition mounts, adapting to diverse spatial requirements. Seamlessly integrate InTouch™ plaques with other products, such as decorative accent bars, frames, WindowSigns™, and interior modular systems like Infinity™.

In conclusion, InTouch™ redefines ADA-Ready™ signage by combining durability with hygienic features and versatile design options. The innovative photopolymer material ensures a balance between aesthetics and functionality, providing businesses and organizations with an effective means to communicate their brand and messages seamlessly.

ASI Product: InTouch™

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