Brand Experience

About Branding Signage

Signage is a visual extension of a brand and acts as a physical representation of its promise and positioning in the market. A consistent and well-thought-out signage program ensures that a brand is recognizable, memorable and differentiated from its competitors.

Signage as a brand experience is all about creating a visual dialogue with the audience, cementing brand identity in their minds, and ensuring a cohesive and impactful brand experience both externally and internally. ASI has deep-rooted expertise in adhering to brand standards – our precise color-matching techniques ensure consistency, accuracy and alignment with brand standards.

ASI artfully integrates branding elements to enhance the overall aesthetic appeal, effectively strengthening and amplifying the brand’s presence. Trusting ASI with your brand experience guarantees that your organization’s brand identity is elevated within the architectural environment. Start your signage journey today – request a consultation to begin.


Signage should align with brand colors, fonts, and messaging for a consistent brand experience.


Branding signage should be clear and concise, ensuring that the intended message isn't lost or misinterpreted.


Effective branding signage should be easy to see and read, whether up close or from a distance.


High-quality materials ensure the sign remains pristine over time to best showcase the brand.


Unique and compelling design elements can make branding signage more memorable to viewers.


To ensure the brand remains relevant, signage should be adaptable while maintaining the brand's core identity.


Signage should seamlessly integrate with its surroundings to enhance the architectural environment.

Interior Branding

Reception Signage
Recognition Wall
Dimensional Letters
Branded Wayfinding
Environmental Graphics
Tomah Health

Exterior Branding

Monument Sign
Blade Sign
Watermark Hotel
Channel Letters
Nia Center
Dimensional Letters
Environmental Graphics
Edinburg Children's Hospital

Environmental Graphics

Environmental graphics encompass the visual aspects that shape and enhance the experience within a particular environment. These graphics meld architecture, interior design, landscape design, and graphic design to communicate stories, guide users and shape the character of built environments.

By extending the brand’s visual language, colors, motifs and narratives into the environment, organizations can create a cohesive and immersive brand experience. For instance, a company’s headquarters might have wall graphics showcasing its history, values or achievements in a visual manner that aligns with its branding. Environmental graphics can define and enhance a space, making it more distinctive, memorable and enjoyable. 

Environmental graphics are a powerful tool in shaping how users perceive and experience a space. When effectively integrated with branding, they can transform environments into meaningful, narrative-rich brand experiences.


In any signage program, ASI’s first step is to establish a clear understanding of the client’s signage goals. By actively listening to the client’s needs, ASI’s sales consultants lay the groundwork for a successful, collaborative signage program.

Site Assessment

ASI teams evaluate the architectural environment to assess any factors that may impact the signage program. ASI’s experienced sales consultants provide recommendations tailored to the site’s unique characteristics.

Design Development

Through collaboration with the client, ASI’s sales consultants define design objectives around the organization’s brand identity and signage vision. Leveraging their industry expertise, sales consultants finetune the signage design alongside the client.

Client Approval

Sales consultants develop a comprehensive proposal that captures all aspects of the envisioned signage program. After delivering the proposal, ASI will collaborate with the client on refining the signage until receiving final approval.