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Horizon, a curved-face extruded aluminum signage system, brings a blend of intelligence and style to the realm of sign solutions. Offering a myriad of size options, from door signs to directories, Horizon stands out as an ADA-Ready™ signage solution that combines versatility with a touch of elegance.

Curved-Face Interior Sign System: Horizon introduces a sophisticated curved-face interior sign system with changeable inserts, offering flexibility in message updates. Constructed with an aluminum extruded frame featuring removable end caps and insert panels, Horizon ensures a dynamic and visually appealing design.

Versatile Finish Options: Choose from five standard anodized accent colors or explore a palette of 140 paint colors, providing a wide spectrum for personalized aesthetics. Powder-coated simulated wood grain finishes are available, offering additional options to match diverse design preferences.

Sustainability and Recycling: Horizon promotes sustainability by allowing updates to message panels without replacing entire signs, enhancing flexibility and reducing environmental impact. Made from materials that can be efficiently recycled at the end of the sign’s life, Horizon aligns with eco-friendly practices.

Horizon combines smart design with functionality. Its curved-face extruded aluminum system not only provides a versatile and visually appealing solution for ADA-Ready™ signage but also emphasizes sustainability and ease of recycling, making it a conscientious choice for modern signage needs.

ASI Product: Horizon

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