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Venus presents a comprehensive interior signage solution. Designed as a range of signs, Fascia offers versatility in applications, including wall-mounted identity signs, cubicle signs, desk and table signs, projecting signs, and donor recognition walls within a facility. With a slim-line frame and an innovative production process, Venus showcases a modern and clean appearance, elevating the overall aesthetic of any space.

Innovative Frame: The Venus system features a slim-line aluminum frame, 0.275” deep, characterized by gently rounded corners. The frame serves as a holder for panels made from various materials, secured to the frame back by magnets, ensuring easy customization.

Versatile Signage Options: Venus is a flat-face sign with a very modern and clean appearance, providing a versatile signage solution. The aluminum frame, available in standard colors such as white, natural anodized, and gray, holds acrylic panels, 0.078” deep, offering flexibility in design.

Sustainable and Customizable Design: The Venus design promotes sustainability by utilizing a frame made from a sustainable and recyclable resource. Panels may have a vertical or horizontal orientation within the same frame and can be customized with various graphics options, including digital print, print on panel, paper insert, ADA-compliant photopolymer, and Raster Braille.

Venus’ flexibility in design, coupled with sustainability and recyclability, positions Venus as a leading choice for interior signage solutions.

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