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Thermoforming is transforming the landscape of signage, providing a cost-effective and versatile solution for businesses and organizations to create durable and visually appealing ADA-Ready™ signage. InForm, the product of this thermoforming process, stands out with its unique advantages.

Unparalleled Durability: Thermoforming ensures the creation of InForm, a single-piece ADA-Ready™ signage solution with crisp, clean edges and detailed graphics. Crafted from an impact and flame-resistant thermoplastic alloy originally used in aircraft and medical equipment enclosures, InForm is built to withstand daily usage and impacts in high-traffic areas. This unmatched durability is particularly beneficial for environments such as schools, hospitals, and government offices.

Hygienic and Resistant to Germs: The material density resulting from thermoforming inhibits germs from penetrating the sign, contributing to a hygienic environment. InForm’s resistance to cleaning agents ensures easy maintenance, making it an ideal solution for environments where cleanliness is crucial, such as hospitals and medical facilities.

Versatile Design Flexibility: Thermoforming technology, combined with integral colors and fingerprint-resistant surface texturing, offers a wide range of design flexibility. InForm provides various options, including 14 integral material colors, custom color choices, and three standard integral surface textures (stipple, slates, and matte). Tactile lettering, characters, and Braille are integral to the face, enhancing accessibility. The availability of multiple decorative edge styles further enhances the versatility of the signage for different applications.

InForm ensures unmatched durability, hygienic features and versatile design options to the forefront of ADA-Ready™ signage.

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