About Compass™

The Compass™ modular signage system redefines traditional post and panel signage, offering a sustainable, low-impact solution for businesses and organizations seeking versatility in design and contemporary aesthetics.

Versatile and Contemporary Design: Compass™ seamlessly blends classic simplicity with outstanding flexibility in a complete modular system. Designers can achieve versatility and contemporary solutions by intermixing unique post shapes and varying panel configurations.

Lightweight Strength and Rigidity: Aluminum posts and panels combine the benefits of lightweight materials with strength and rigidity, ensuring durability in extreme environments. Each sign configuration is engineered to site-specific wind load requirements, utilizing integrated post channels and plastic compression fittings for easy assembly and maintenance.

Sustainable Finish and Easy Maintenance: All visible aluminum surfaces are finished with oven-hardened polyester paint, providing a durable finish for lasting visual quality. The Compass™ signage system follows an ISO 9001 manufacturing process, ensuring consistency and quality, and comes with a two-year warranty on parts and labor.

Compass™ is a durable and modular solution with a commitment to sustainability. Its design allows for easy updates and repairs, while components can be disassembled and sorted for appropriate recycling processes at end-of-life. This innovative system provides a responsible and visually impactful solution for diverse applications.

ASI Product: Compass™

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