About Puzzle™

The Puzzle™ signage system, a cutting-edge solution, redefines traditional lockable paper insert signs. This innovative system requires no keys and no hardware for locking, making it the only truly lockable sign of its kind. With a range of mounting options and versatile design features, Puzzle™ stands as a modular and durable solution for various environments.

Secret Locking System: Puzzle™ introduces a unique secret locking system using Jigsaw ABS components, enabling sideways and upwards unlocking motions without the need for tools or keys.

Inhouse™ Updatable Panels: Inhouse™ updatable paper insert window panels offer a wide range of foil finishes, including metallic, frosted, natural, and pastel series.

Diverse Graphics Options: Puzzle™ provides a variety of graphics options, including ultra-graved text, ceramic text, full-panel surface prints, and raised letters with Grade II Raster™ Braille or Grade II Braille produced by Direct Jet UV 3D printer.

Puzzle™ offers a truly lockable and modular solution. With features like secret locking systems, versatile graphics options, and ISO-certified manufacturing, Puzzle™ ensures ease of use, durability, and adaptability for a wide range of signage needs.

ASI Product: Puzzle™

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