About Pacific Interior™

The Pacific Interior™ modular signage system is designed with simplicity, featuring clean lines and a welcoming appearance that seamlessly integrates into any environment. This ADA-Ready™ system offers versatility with modular and interchangeable panels, making updates effortless. Configurations include wall-mounted, suspended, projecting, and free-standing options, providing solutions for diverse spatial requirements.

Versatile Design Options: Pacific Interior™ is a versatile, expandable, and flexible sign system suitable for a range of applications. The system offers configurations such as wall-mounted, suspended, projecting, and free-standing, providing adaptability to different settings.

Interchangeable Graphic and ADA-Ready™ Panels: The system facilitates easy updates and modifications by featuring front-loading interchangeable aluminum graphic panels. ADA-Ready™ panels are also interchangeable, ensuring compliance with accessibility standards and providing a clear, unobtrusive appearance.

Durable Construction and Finish Options: The system is engineered with durability in mind, with components designed for easy disassembly and recycling at the end of their life cycle. Pacific Interior™ offers attractive wood grain finishes and metal finishes, providing a range of aesthetic options for different environments.

Pacific Interior™ modular signage system not only meets ADA regulations but also showcases innovation in design and functionality. Its interchangeability, durability, and aesthetic options make it a versatile and enduring solution for businesses seeking clear and inviting signage.

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