About Messenger Interior™

The Messenger Interior™ modular signage system epitomizes contemporary design, blending pure lines and a light appearance to complement a broad spectrum of architectural styles. Precision-engineered with advanced production technologies, this ADA-Ready™ system stands out for its adaptability in rapidly changing environments, ensuring sustainability.

Versatile System: Messenger Interior™ stands as a versatile, expandable, and flexible sign system, catering to dynamic and evolving spaces. The system’s adaptability is underscored by front-loading interchangeable aluminum graphic panels and ADA-Ready™ panels.

Durable and Sustainable Solution: The Messenger Interior™ system boasts a two-year warranty on parts and labor, reflecting its durability and reliability. Components are designed for easy updates or repairs, and at the end of their lifecycle, they can be disassembled and recycled appropriately.

Graphic Customization Options: Graphic panels offer full-panel face prints with a 720 dpi, seven-color print system, providing high-resolution and vibrant visuals. Various graphic options include LTV series vinyl graphics and silkscreen printing, offering diverse customization possibilities. 

Messenger Interior™ not only presents a contemporary modular design but also emphasizes durability, adaptability, and sustainability. This system provides a reliable and visually appealing solution for interior signage needs.

ASI Product: Messenger Interior™

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