About Folio™

ASI introduces Folio™, a sophisticated paper insert sign system that surpasses traditional solutions, offering secure and reliable signage for modular door and directory signs. Leveraging advanced materials and design principles to combat lens failure, Folio™ stands out as a high-tech and durable alternative.

Versatile Inserts: The system supports perforated paper inserts, a variety of insert labels, and word templates, facilitating easy control and customization.

Advanced Printing Techniques: Folio™ employs advanced printing techniques, including UV-cured 2D printing applied to the acrylic lens, ensuring a vibrant and durable image.

Durability: The stainless-steel construction and durable materials contribute to the overall longevity and resilience of Folio™.

Folio™ not only surpasses the limitations of traditional paper insert sign systems but introduces innovative features like advanced printing techniques, design variations, versatile mounting options, a quality manufacturing process, and graphics options with ADA compliance. This product transforms the landscape of interior signage, providing businesses with a reliable, customizable, and visually appealing solution for ADA-Ready™ signage needs.

ASI Product: Folio™

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