About PerFORM™

PerFORM™ is a revolutionary modular signage system designed to redefine the landscape of branding and messaging applications. Engineered with precision and versatility, this system offers a flexible canvas for creating durable, visually appealing, and adaptable ADA-Ready™ signage.

Architectural Versatility: PerFORM™ serves as a flexible platform, seamlessly meeting the diverse needs of signage programs or enhancing existing systems with innovative branding solutions. The system features a perforated grid that not only offers a rigid structural platform but also allows for a limitless configuration of snap-together panels or floating shapes, extending into the surrounding space with architectural precision.

Panel Customization: PerFORM™ offers custom options, including full-face print on panel graphics, ADA-Ready™ panels, and acrylic panels available in custom sizes and colors.

Durable Solution: PerFORM™ ensures reduced lead times for program delivery and supplemental signage needs. The modular design allows for easy updates or repairs, and components can be efficiently disassembled and recycled at end-of-life, contributing to sustainability.

PerFORM™ stands out as a durable, modular signage solution, setting new versatility, aesthetics, and sustainability standards. With its precise registration, architectural flexibility, and customizable options, this system offers a sophisticated canvas for effective branding and messaging.

ASI Product: PerFORM™

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