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Architecturally designed for versatility, the Jigsaw™ Modular Signage System redefines interior signage through its modular and flexible flat-faced solution. With patented assembly and mounting methods, this system stands out as one of the most functional architectural sign systems available today, offering a seamless blend of aesthetics and functionality.

Innovative Design: Jigsaw™ features a patented fixing and mounting system with stainless steel vertical support rails and injection-molded ABS plastic mounting components, ensuring secure assembly. 

Texting Techniques: The signage system employs various texting techniques, including Grade II Raster™ Braille, ceramic text, ultra-graved text, heat-bonded vinyl text, direct digital printing, and fret-cut stainless steel letters.

Versatile Applications: Graphic and ADA-Ready™ panels offer options in stainless steel, wood veneer, frosted or painted acrylic, painted aluminum, and custom alternatives. 

Jigsaw™ presents a durable and easily updatable solution for businesses and organizations. Its comprehensive features, from versatile mounting options to diverse graphic methods, make it a dynamic choice for creating impactful and compliant signage.

ASI Product: Jigsaw™

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