About Pacific Exterior™

The Pacific Exterior™ modular signage system introduces a fresh aesthetic while maintaining sustainability and functionality. This system seamlessly combines form, flexibility, and function through its innovative curved-face panels, offering a dynamic solution for businesses and organizations.

Curved-Face Elegance: Pacific Exterior™ introduces curved-face elegance to exterior signage, bringing a distinctive appearance. The system features front-loading interchangeable aluminum panels, providing a sleek design.

Sustainable Engineering: Crafted with durable aluminum construction, Pacific Exterior™ emphasizes sustainability and longevity. The modular design ensures easy updates and repairs, and at end-of-life, components can be disassembled and sorted for appropriate recycling processes.

Versatile Installation and Design: Pacific Exterior™ offers versatile installation options, including wall, center post, monolith, suspended, and projecting mount. The wide range of custom and standard colors and graphics options such as LTV series vinyl graphics or direct UV-cured digitally printed graphics provide design flexibility for diverse needs.

Pacific Exterior™ offers a blend of elegance, sustainability and versatility. By seamlessly combining form and function, this system offers a contemporary solution for organizations aiming to enhance their exterior branding. The two-year warranty on parts and labor underscores the commitment to quality, ensuring a lasting and impactful signage solution.

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